Tentmaker Ministries believes that deliverance and inner healing go hand-in-hand. In this Inner Healing School, find out how to minister inner healing to someone whether in a coffee shop, church meeting or starting your own inner healing or mentoring ministry.

In this school participants have been set free in areas of their life where they needed inner healing just by participating.  Schedule this 3-day school in your area today by contacting Tentmaker Ministries.

DAY 1 

  • What is inner healing?
  • Behind every strongman is a lie – discover the lie – discover freedom
  • Forgiveness
  • God’s timing – healing is a process
  • Fear
  • Intimidation
  • Rejection and People Pleasing
  • Anger
  • Relationships – Distrust and Disunity-Family dissension and Adultery
  • Soul – Jesus wants our soul balanced!


  • Pride and Attention
  • Control and Manipulation
  • Lust and Perversion
  • Addictions-narcotics, alcohol, food, electronics
  • Loss of a child – death, miscarriage, abortion
  • Stress
  • Financial Breakthroughs
  • Self Worth-Unworthiness


  • Religion
  • Suicide
  • Bitterness and Resentment
  • Self Condemnation
  • Ahab / Passiveness
  • Depression
  • Gossip / Slander / Negativity
  • Rebellion / Stubbornness